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List of updates

  • 2024-02-22: Added new tables with vocalic data, synchronized data, fixed a couple of data issues.
  • 2023-07-19: This update adds the following (see here for details):
    • Data Products document, which contains descriptions of both the raw data (this is primarily meant for internal documentation purposes) and the derived data products (this is meant for public consumption, to aid users of the derived data products in performing their analyses).
    • New version of derived data products. The new data process introduces substantial changes, both from the user's standpoint and under the hood. From the user perspective, the new process includes additional experiments and raw channels of fNIRS that were previously excluded. It also integrates a comprehensive report on the EEG and fNIRS filtering process, combines the entire process report into a single file, offers CSV files with filtered and synchronized signals, and removes NaN values in signal columns. Naming has been improved with nirs replaced by fnirs, and the experiment_id column has been eliminated from CSV files. Internally, the signal processing methods for EEG and fNIRS signals have been updated, including changes to grouping, interpolation, filtering, and resampling approaches. Signals are now synchronized and resampled before task grouping, linear interpolation is used for consistent signal intervals before filtering, the Butterworth filter order is reduced to 4, the Chebychev type I filter replaces the lowpass FIR filter for aliasing avoidance, and a fast Fourier transform-based method is used for resampling to target frequency.
  • 2023-07-17: A major update that adds new data from baseline tasks, fixes labels in and removes invalid data from the fnirs_raw table, and adds a set of new 'base' tables, foreign key relationships, and indices to facilitate new queries and speed up existing queries. See here for more details.